Monday, June 19, 2006

Victory Sweet Victory

The crew (minus Rich and Mark who were off to the airport) along with Jim holding the 1st Place trophy for the weekend (a J Winery glass carafe). Posted by Picasa

Rounding in First Place

Rich, with a huge grin on his face, as we round the windward mark in 1st Place. The Seattle fleet, particularly Stuart on Tantivy, provided some of the most exciting racing we've had in awhile. It was truly a game of cat and mouse between us and the crew on Tantivy. Very cool!

We owe a huge thank you to Stuart and his wife Pam who put up (and put up with) half of the Diva crew, in their well appointed home in Seattle. Although we were complete strangers at the beginning of the weekend we felt like old racing chums by Sunday night. Thanks again Stu and Pam for your geniune hospitality. Posted by Picasa

Honorary Chief Diva

Out of the way there's a woman on the helm! I had to stand on my tippy toes just to see over the wheel. Posted by Picasa

The Bow

Mark and Malcolm (M&M) ready for anything on the bow. Posted by Picasa

Trim God

aka Trevor Posted by Picasa

Diva Crew

Great picture but where are our matching crew shirts? This picture was taken by the best shore support woman ever, Val Marie. Chuck and Val were supposed to race on a J/24 but the boat wasn't able to make it to Seattle so they made a weekend of it anyway, watched some of the racing and greeted us at the dock with a cooler full of cold beer and wine along with some apres racing snacks. We're not worthy, we're not worthy! Posted by Picasa

Tuning Up for the Start

This was Diva's inaugural race. She was one of five J/109s in the fleet. Posted by Picasa

J Fest 2006 - Seattle

A Stingray crew reunion (almost) for Seattle's J Fest on Jim's new J/109 Diva. The crew, consisting of Jim, Brian, Rich, Malcolm, Steve, Trevor, Mark and Deb are waiting patiently for the start. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Next Big Adventure

Our next BIG adventure will start September 24th when we fly into Fiji and Board Kinetic, Beneteau 47.7 (pictured above) and sail her to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and finally Sydney, Australia. The crew will be Steve and Debbie Kempton, Jim Prentice and his wife Roberta Pauls and their daughter Anna, Naomi Roddick and the owner of Kinetic, David Sutcliffe. Naomi and David will be doing the Vic-Maui race which leaves Victoria on July 3rd and once the race is over they will be sailing from Hawaii to Fiji with David's wife Gaylean and their three kids Graham, Lisa and Jeff. See for more info. Posted by Picasa

Views for Miles

So much to see, so little time. It took a lot of miles to get there and as with most vacations I wished I had more time. Posted by Picasa

Moab City Centre

A quaint town that thrives on everything outdoors from mountain biking to climbing (as pictured here), river rafting and off road 4x4 adventures. Posted by Picasa

Moab Scenery

Good weather, nice roads and beautiful scenery. Posted by Picasa

Boise, Idaho

A stop in Boise to visit Deb's Aunt Linda and Uncle John. A hottub, steak dinner and warm bed were welcome treats for road weary bones. Posted by Picasa

Road Trip

Pictures from the trip to Moab. Through Seattle, the Cascades to Bend Oregon and then Boise. Posted by Picasa

On the Road

All loaded up with gear Steve heads out on his big bike adventure to Moab, Utah. Between sailing and biking when does he find time to work?...This picture was taken at a little cafe just outside of Boise, Idaho. Posted by Picasa

Camping at Alice Lake

Steve packed up his gear on his bike for a trial run camping trip up to Alice Lake to meet Brianna before his bike road trip at the end of the month to Moab, Utah. Posted by Picasa


At the end of the long weekend we weighed anchor and headed home with nary a breath of wind but plenty of rain! The long and wet motor back home was worth it when we sighted two whales off the port side of the boat. Beautiful creatures. Posted by Picasa

Dinghy Rides for Everyone!

Lack of wind meant dinghy rides instead of day sailing. At least the sun came out and we were able to go to shore and explore shell beach. Posted by Picasa

Makena and Diva

May long weekend 2006 Makena and Diva are rafted together in Montague Harbour, Galiano Island. We had a great sail across the Strait to Active Pass with the wind building to 17+ knots as we entered Active Pass which made for an exciting sail through and a well deserved cold beer at the other side. Posted by Picasa