Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sea Strainer

New oversized Groco sea strainer to replace the old original Vetus one that kept losing it's prime (as recommended by Norm of Landsea Power). Water is good, no water is bad.

Cruising Howe Sound Style

A great day of sailing leaves us wishing we could head across the Strait to the Gulf Islands for an Impromptu holiday. Alas we have committments to keep so we head home for HCM and life at the dock.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Heading home from Plumper Cove on Sunday afternoon with a brisk 15 knot inflow in Howe Sound. Around the back of Bowen there were gusts up to 18 knots and Makena was cruising along in the flat water happy as a clam.

Anchored in Plumper Cove May 28/05

Hangin' out at Plumper Cove. A dinghy ride to cool off. Took at trip over to Gibson's and grabbed some lunch at Molly's Reach, checked out the local marine store (of course). We purchased a solar shower and shared an ice cream cone before heading back.

Plumper Cove

Escape to Plumper Cove for the last weekend of May. It's hot, hot, hot! We left HCM Friday night around 6:00p.m. and set the sails for a short sail to Point Atkinson at which time we decided to fire up the iron jenny in the interest of arriving before midnight.

An Old Friend

Our previous boat, Psyche, is anchored just a few boat lengths away at Montague with her new owners Rick & Tina Ross aboard.

Sunset at Montague May Long Weekend 2005

Sunset at Montague Harbour, Galiano Island. May long weekend 2005. Steve, Deb & cabin boy Mark Sykes (aka Mike Skies).

Smiling Skipper Steve

Skipper Steve is all smiles now that the hook is set and we are pouring a round of Dark N Stormies. After a long day crossing the Strait from Heather Marina to Active pass with building wind and seas we finally dropped the hook in Montague and fired up dinner. We saw a pod of killer whales on the Strait side of Active pass, however with gusts of 25+, a full 140 jib and main, water in the bilges and none coming out of the engine we barely had time to appreciate the whale siting. Thankfully all issues were resolved..the water in the bilges leaked out of one of our water tanks when we were really heeled over sailing across the Strait. The watertight inspection port needed to be resealed with some lube. The lack of water from the engine was due to the seastrainer losing it's prime (typical of the type we had) so Steve replaced it and so far so good. No problem on a boat can't be fixed if you just throw some money at it!