Thursday, March 08, 2007


A sign in Bislama, the local language in Vanuatu. Posted by Picasa

Landfall, Vanuatu

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Port Resolution Yacht Club and Cabins

These little thatched roof huts were available to tourists to rent. Posted by Picasa

Locals from Vanuatu

Several locals from Port Resolution in Tanna came out to Kinetic in the hopes of trading their fresh caught lobsters. Posted by Picasa

Fish On!

We also caught our one and only fish of the whole trip on our way to Vanuatu. David reeled in the Mahi Mahi and then cleaned it and Naomi cooked it up along with some rice for our dinner. It was so big we had enough left over to freeze for another meal. Posted by Picasa

Enroute to Vanuatu

On the way to Vanuatu we had sunshine and rain, sometimes we sailed and for a little while we motored, some people read, some slept, some ate and some didn't and eventually we arrived in Tanna, Vanuatu. The only problem was we arrived in the middle of the night and with less than reliable charts we had to stand-off until first light so we could use eyeball navigation to pick our way in through the reefs. Posted by Picasa


Enough of that landlubbing it's time to go sailing again! Next stop, Vanuatu. Posted by Picasa

From Up The Mast

While in Musket Cove I went up the rig to inspect the masthead tri-colour light that was malfunctioning on our last leg. While up the mast I snapped a few photos of the anchorage and Island. Posted by Picasa

Advertisement At the Sailor's Bar

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Once the guys discovered the Sailor's bar and the seemingly endless supply of cold beer they all agreed that Musket Cove was a little slice of paradise. Fiji Bitter was the beer of choice and from the line up of bottles forming at the bar it seemed to meet with approval. Posted by Picasa

Relaxing in Musket Cove

Ah now this is the vacation we were dreaming of. Naomi and I share a drink at the sailor's bar, Roberta and Anna take a rest on the transom of Kinetic after their swim and Naomi and Anna kick back in the hammock for an afternoon of RnR. Posted by Picasa

Land Ho!

Arrival in Musket Cove, Fiji. A beautiful sunny day and a crew full of sailors anxious to go for a swim. Steve and I are now official members of the Musket Cove Yacht Club. Posted by Picasa

Dark And Stormy Night

A rough start to our vacation with a lumpy exit from Suva and some seasickness for a few of the crew. After a dark and stormy night the morning broke clear and sunny and finally an opportunity to shed our foulies. Posted by Picasa

Safety First

All crew doned their PFD's and harnesses for the overnight leg to Latoka where we would hopefully get a cruising permit for the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. Posted by Picasa